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Meekness is a fruit of the Spirit that seems very much lost in our aggressive, self-centered culture. Because people associate it with weakness, most today do not admire others for being "meek," but as we shall see, it is not what they assume. It is a quality of character very noticeable in the greatest human being ever to grace this earth—and one that all of us sorely need today. -  John W. Ritenbaugh

I don't know about you but up until this moment, I have often thought that meekness was a sign of weakness, but put in this content and being able to dive into the true meaning of the word in its original language changes things for me. Isn't it crazy how understanding the intent and the meaning of even just one word can do that?  For the believer, meekness ("gentle-force") begins with the Lord's inspiration and finishes with His direction and empowerment. It is a divinely-balanced virtue that can only operate through faith. There's that word again... faith. 

Here is what I have come to understand about faith.

Faith is never the work of people, we can not produce faith. Faith comes as Christ speaks His Word within - Romans 10:17

Faith is a response to a divine revelation. You can't manufacture it because it only comes after an encounter with Christ usually following a transformation. 

Demons believe and shudder but they do not have or experience faith - James 2:19

Do you have faith?

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