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There are so many times that the presence of God can be overshadowed by distractions that is planted by the enemy. Distractions that plague the room. In that moment your thoughts are jumbled, your heart skips a beat, you are disoriented and even with eyes wide open, you seem to have no idea what is going on. But, those interruptions in life that He allows to to manifest presents His vision for our lives - victory. 

If I am being honest, I have had several moments like that in my life -- the moment that I realized I broke my dad's heart, the moment when I drove alone to an out of state college three months after my high school graduation, the moment my son (fighting back tears) said that he was not happy in our new home. But none of those moments compared to when I woke up in the ICU at Oklahoma’s only trauma one hospital. 


It was evident that the expression on my face took my husband by surprise, but nevertheless he was right there gently stroking my cheek, ready to explain why I was there. As he explained that I had been involved in a pedestrian-automobile accident while I was crossing the street, my heart sank. I was speechless and my thoughts were unclear, but there was a peace in the midst of all the chaos. A feeling that has no explanation other than the peace of God. As my husband explained my list of injuries and the concerns of the medical staff, my mind began to fade into the background. My initial thought was that the enemy tried to take me out. Unsure if the enemy could see a smile on my face or if I lay there with no expression, I knew that God had spared my life not for me but in despite of me. 


Don’t get me wrong, I am not always faithful to spend time with Him every day. My Bible is not always what I reach for in the mornings before my cell phone. And I have to admit that often when I am faced with a challenge, my first thought can often be “here we go again”. I’m certainly not the perfect Christian always focused on God’s promises for me, but on this day, at this moment, God's Word came alive. The presence of the Holy Spirit calmed me. In that moment my next thought was “He is Lord”. At that moment, I knew that I could rest in the assurance that my God was and is in complete control.

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