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The road to recovery is never neat and pretty, but it is your own. Now, more than ever, I cling to the verse in the bible that reminds us that we must believe without seeing. And, it is definitely part of my journey. Because although I am at a place where I no longer ask why there was a time when I was frustrated because I was not there yet. Honestly. I still have those moments. But now, it is a moment, not a pit stop. So, don’t let anyone tell you how long you can feel what you are feeling, but don’t let yourself be caught up in the questioning game that you can’t win. Faith is believing without seeing and continuing without knowing one step at a time. Period.

Ok, back to the verse in John. This conversation was between Thomas and Jesus. And, if you read the account in scripture (John 20:29) you will understand why they call him doubting Thomas. Thomas was the one that told the disciples unless he sees the nail prints in His Hand and can put his hand on Jesus’ side, he will not believe. Thomas’s words are similar to what you may be thinking right now. Admit it. There are times that we will not believe it is God’s will if we can not see it through our eyes. But, our sight does not measure up to what God sees. Our thoughts do always mirror the thoughts of God. And, our way is not often His Way. He knows, He cares, and Jesus is in control. 

In the meantime, Praise God!

In the meantime, choose kindness.

In the meantime, turn your frustration into faith. 

Believe without seeing. He is God and He will not fail. Jesus Heals. 

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