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Before we dig any deeper into our time, I probably need to give a quick disclaimer: moving from a “Why Me?” To “Why Not Me?” is not a button you push, or a switch you flip on or off. It is a journey that some will yield to and some will not. My journey is exclusive to me, but God is standing ready to move you, too, in a way designed especially for you. And, knowing that is the reason why you should read on.

Not too long ago, I was involved in a near fatal accident as a pedestrian. I suffered lasting trauma to the entire left side of my body. I was in ICU for a week, and a rehabilitation hospital for a month to learn how to accept a new reality -- the enemy meant to take me out… But, God!! I fought hard to gain my independence again, but God sent me reminders along the way reiterating that life was not meant to live alone and my push for independence put God back into a box that I had built over the years instead inviting him into my deepest pain and suffering. God reminded me that I was chosen. He did not “let” my accident happen. He designed a test that He knew I could pass, and had all the answers to.

Did you know that God used Paul in James 1:2-3 to help us distinguish between tests and temptations, and painted a beautiful picture of faith?

In the original language, greek, tests and temptations can be applied simultaneously depending on the context. In a positive sense, God sends tests to prove our faith and character. Adversely, temptations are the work of a real enemy.

I also learned that faith in this context, is a gift from God, and never something that can be produced by people. There is what blows my mind, faith is described as “God’s divine persuasion”. I get giddy thinking about it. John 5:4 tells us that God is continuously birthing faith in believers that yield to His Will.  Faith involves belief but it goes beyond human believing because it involves that personal revelation (inworking) of God.

August 16th will always be the day that changed my life for the rest of life, and because of Christ, I have life AGAIN. And, if the plan was not to bring me home with HIM then there has got to be a plan that is bigger and beyond thoughts that consume me.

How did I move from a place of asking “Why Me?” to “Why Not Me?”... I humbled myself and asked for help, let go of things needing to be my way and on my timing, and started to believe that God wants to work in and through me to fulfill His purpose and amplify the call on my life with a fresh perspective, and in a new way. Until I die to His Will, I was not living. 

God used Esther.

God used Martha.

God used Rahab.

God is using me. 

God wants to use you.

Why Not Me? My heart is with Him and my faith has been strengthened because of Him. Why Not me?

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