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In December, I published a blog post that revisited Matt. 11:30, and I talked about the outpouring of grace and a new perspective on the verse.

Today, I want to share with you the words that God whispered into my spirit while digging deeper into this passage. Be encouraged! You got this! 


Dear Twyler,

For so many years, you have felt as though you and you alone had to carry the weight. It is though the only person you trusted is you. But, Twyler, you can trust me. I know that you are tired of being sick and tired and you sit waiting for others to take the lead. But, guess what? No one will ever be able to measure up to your standards. They will never be Me. I am your source. I am the one that can ease your burden. And, I know that the load is heavy that's why I tell you about my yoke. I died for you. The debt has been paid. In my living, but especially in my death. I knew that the burden was well-fitted for me and will be eternally useful. So, I did not shift my weight to anyone else so you have to stop trying to pick it up. Trust me with your boys, trust me with your marriage, trust me with your recovery, trust me with the process - the one designed by Me for you, fully acceptable, and put in place for you to walk into your calling miraculously. The calling is bigger and better than you could ever imagine. Trust Me for complete the work that I have done in you.

Love, God

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