August 18, 2018

Greetings everyone, 

My heart was not to leave people out of the loop but needed to have a little breathing room to take everything in and process and ensure the kids were OK. Let me bring everyone up to speed. Twyler was struck by a pickup truck 

Thursday morning while walking back to her car from the YMCA. This resulted in her having emergency surgery to repair a broken femur. She also has 5 cracked ribs, sternum, fractured ankle, and multiple contusions. She has been in ICU up until now. The nurse said she has been cleared to leave and move to a step down unit. Trust me, this is progress. Going from possible having 2 surgeries to only 1, on a respirator to breathing on her on, and from having a chest tube to none. 

God is walking her through the process. 

Everyone wants to know what they can do for her. 

1. Pray 

2. Pray 

3. Pray

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