August 28, 2018

Love is an action and prayer changes things ...

8/16 - Rushed to OU as a trauma patient after bring hit by a pickup truck as a pedestrian. I was leaving the Downtown Y after my morning workout. While in ICU, my family learned that I had a Fractured shoulder, 5 broken ribs, cracked sternum, small hole in my lungs, femur broken in 3 places, and a broken ankle.

8/18 - Colby moved into off campus apartment in Stillwater.

8/20 - Off ventilator, chest tube into lungs removed, transported to 5West.

8/21 - Surprise visit from Corbin. 24 pit shop from New York.

8/23 - off breathing machine, and transported to Jim Thorpe to start rehabilitation because nothing else can be done medically.

8/24 - Rehab begins, my new mode of transportation is a wheelchair and a walker.

8/28 - Medline removed because blood work are consistently good. And, we are just getting family, friends and I are claiming complete healing.

Look at God. Look at your prayers coming alive. This ain't no joke but my story is just getting started. I have a long road ahead but I just wanted to celebrate with you along the way.

Your prayers is a part of my story and your love is driving my progress. You are amazing!!!! And, let me just say my husband Kellon Earl is one of a kind and is my earthly anchor.

So. forgive me if I have not responded to your call, email, or answered your text. It's not personal. My #1 priority is my recovery. It is my testimony. Because if you have not counted, I will say... 12 days out, and where I am today is just God showing out. Yes, Lord!!!!

Your continued prayers are appreciated for me and my family! Hats off to my Rose State, Life.Church, and DELL family.

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