January 27, 2019

After a traumatic event 11 weeks ago, I spent 3 nights in ICU, 4 nights on a step-down floor, and 3 weeks as a patient in an outpatient rehab facility not by choice but because of the call on my life.

Bones heal, and my mind is right. My heart beats strong, and my fight is legit. My recovery is shaping my testimony that is not about me, or because of me but because of the purpose and drive that God put in me when He made me.

Returning to a job that I love, mentoring students that are overcomers, and working with people that care deeply is not about me, or because of me, but is one of the blessings that God equipped me to do.

Having a conversation with my son about spending 36 hours with me in the hospital versus what could have been my funeral. Wasn't because of me, or about him, but a stepping stone to what God is doing through me despite me.

Praising God for loving and supporting circle of friends, extended family, amazing husband, 3 thoughtful sons, and a praying daughter in law. I know that God is using them to love me, bless me not for my glory but for His Glory.

I am a miracle.

So, it's time for you to become unstuck in what is happening to you and celebrate the call on your life, recognize your purpose, see the blessings that surround you, despite you, and give God the glory.

Bring life. Speak life. It's not about you, or for you. There has never been a time such as this.

God used a truck to deliver His message to those that know Him, those that have stepped away from Him, and those that have never cried out to Him.

What will it take for you to get the message?

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