May 19, 2019

It ain't over. The enemy did not take me out, because in the end God wins.

I fight from a place of victory. The fear that I will not walk again without a limp. The fear that pain will prevent me from getting out of the bed some days. The fear that my testimony will not become all the God intended. CANCELLED. I'M BREAKING UP WITH FEAR.

This is how I fight my battles.... it may look like I'm surrounded but I am surrounded by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord. I AM NOT DONE.

And I'm claiming the chains of anxiety, fear and insecurity that seeks to become an invisible bond over my children is broken. PUBLICLY.

My fight is not for me, but its for them... today, tomorrow, and every day!!! Devil, you best believe I'm up!

#wakeprayslay #christtaberacle #thisishowIfightmybattles

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