October 14, 2018

Why not me?

I won't turn back. 

I will never be who I was before. 

I will see things the way that they may have never appeared before. 

I will never take for granted the small things that seem insufficient.

I am not asking God to change my circumstances but use me in a way that others see Him in me. 

I am not confirmed to my wheelchair, but it is a temporary vehicle to reach others for Christ. 

I may be in the midst of my healing, but I already know I am a miracle.

I don't know if you can't see your way out of the situation but let me assure you, God has already gone before you to work it out. Don't get caught up in the idea of being the victim when God has already made you victorious. Because he died for your sins, and raised to life with all power, for you to live victoriously.

For I rejoice that on the morning of August 16, my God said what about my servant Twyler...

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